Get Your Kids Back on Track!

Engage your kids in a safe, Spring Break activity

After a year of disruption because of Covid-19 it is more important than ever to help keep your kids engaged in their learning.

Scholars Education & Steamoji Maker Spaces have teamed up together to offer full-day Spring Break camps combining a mix of academic preparation and hands-on maker skills.

Choose from a range of subjects and activities from 9am-3pm M-F during both weeks of Spring Break from March 15-19 and March 22-26. This gives your kids 10 hours of traditional academic study and 10 hours of maker building.

The price for this full-day, week-long camp is $695.


Low-Density Procedures

Scholars and Steamoji have been re-configured for low density and social distancing which only allows for 8 students at one time.


Equipment Modifications

Surfaces and shared equipment are routinely sanitized. Participants bring their own snacks and supplies (pencil, ruler, eraser).


Digital Integration

Streamlined online registration and parent communication for ease of access and peace of mind.


Trusted Brands

Established educational professionals with 20+ years of great track records in Canada.


We tutor all ages, all grades, and all subjects, so whether your academic goals are to catch up, keep up, or get ahead, Scholars has a customized, accelerated tutoring program that will work for your family this summer.

Choose from Reading, Writing, Math or Coding for 10 hours of study, or split 5 hours each between 2 subjects. Scholars programs are proven to increase performance by one grade level every 40 hours of study, so in just 10 hours your child can easily catch up on one disrupted semester of school.



Catch up on reading confidence with programs focused on vocabulary through spelling, sight words and vocabulary development, understanding of phonics (if applicable for the student), and reading comprehension skills.



Improve your child's penmanship with programs developed to specifically address writing and language mechanics such as punctuation and capitalization, language expression through grammar and sentence structure, and paragraph and essay writing.



Focus on the five strands: number sense, measurement, geometry & spatial sense, patterning & algebra, and data management & probability. Our math program is matched to the school curriculum so these are the areas that are tested on and taught in classrooms!



Understand computer languages as the new literacy with entry-level courses in basic programming, JavaScript, Python, and HTML/CSS. Build your own websites and games, design simple animations, and create stories and music with code!

Maker Skills

Steamoji is a maker academy for kids that trains builders, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs. While there are other camps introducing STEAM concepts, there is no other structured program like Steamoji which takes an elementary school child through 400 hours of reinforcing projects over a 5-year time period.

Steamoji's "Build to Solve" program compliments and enriches children's school studies by exposing them to new technologies in fabrication, physical computing, engineering and digital arts. With these foundational skills, students are then challenged with problems and encouraged to imagine, create and improve their own solutions.


A Confident, Can Do Mindset

Exposing children to new technology skills helps give them confidence to tackle new challenges. An open mindset is encouraged to always try, adapt and try again.


An Integrated Experience

Today’s students demand rich and immersive learning experiences that parallel their fast paced digital lives. Youth need a variety of opportunities to begin learning future facing skills.


Guidance From Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts demonstrate and provide guidance on developing foundational skills. Facilitators supervise to help overcome any challenges.


Real Skills Your Child Will Use

Your child will be provided with trusted content and become equipped with the resources and skills they need for a proper mindset to battle the problems of their future.

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